Ain't Nobody Got Time For Dat! 9 Min Tan
(200ml) 'ain't nobody got time for dat!' Pre-shower 9 Minute Tan Mousse People to see, things to do... some people do it in 10, we do it in 9. Get golden in just 9 minutes! Apply this luscious tan, wait 9 minutes,...
Fake it till you make it
shed the moon kissed sun of winters past and embrace the unnatural natural sensation of fake tan. you’re looking for a natural, perhaps even fashionable tan to rock during the day and into the night. something that, like your diamonds,...
$14.99 $10.95
it's Love. a daily moisturiser that makes me glow
an everyday body moisturiser. gives a hint of colour (without the gross fake tan smell).  use this every day. it will become your new lover. smother all over. it will make you feel soft and silky, and a little bit...
$17.99 $10.95
It's Love. nuts about coconuts to make me glow
an everyday gradual tan mousse infused with coconut oil & water that gives a hint of colour.  use this daily and take in this soft, silky coconutty goodness. like a piña colada in a bottle, you’ll be transported to a...
$17.99 $9.95
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