MINERAL GLOW Silicone Sponge

Mineral Glow

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The Silicone Sponge is the most recent trend in beauty application, with the small sponges taking over social media. They have become an internet sensation due to its flawless makeup finish, easy-to-clean and non-absorbing material. 


Squirt a small amount of liquid foundation directly to the sponge and begin by patting the product onto your face. Once all areas are covered, use the sponge to pat and blend your foundation flawlessly, with no streaks or finger marks.


  • As this sponge is made of silicone, cleaning it is made easy – simply rinse in water, wipe it dry, and it’s ready to be used again!
  • It doesn’t absorb foundation like a regular Beauty Blender
  • To reach small areas such as around the nose or under the eyes, fold the sponge in half to achieve a more precise application.
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