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The one thing I can remember taking away from art class at school is that the opposing colours in a colour wheel cancel each other out:

Concealer colour wheel

This wheel is a miracle when it comes to applying your concealer. Since when did colour choices become so difficult? There used to be concealers just to suit your skin tone - much like foundation or powder. Now, there are all the colours in the rainbow (literally) to choose from.

Let's begin at the very start of make-up's concealer journey..


Finally, something we are familiar with here. Beige concealers are your simple shades - ones that blend perfectly with your natural skin tone. It's perfect for covering imperfections such as pimples (we all get those..) or spots. This used to be considered magic until crazy people started using green, purple, orange and red concealers..



Green has been used as a concealer for a while now, and this is where we begin referring back to the colour wheel. Green concealer will reduce the appearance of redness - it is amazing for people that are self-conscious of their super red nose and cheeks. Dab some green under the nose, in the corners of your mouth, over broken capillaries or a small amount on the cheeks. It may look interesting before you blend it, but when you do, you will feel as if you've been rewarded with an entirely new face.



This is where concealers started to become a little trickier. Thanks to the art world, we have our trusty wheel to guide us through this intriguing colour mystery. Opposite purple on the wheel is yellow - therefore, a purple concealer is suitable for anyone with yellow-toned skin or with yellow discolouration. There is absolutely nothing wrong about having a yellowy-tinge to the skin, but for those who find themselves not wanting it, purple is the way to go.



Things on the internet got interesting when people starting using red lipstick as an under-eye concealer.. thankfully, someone put a stop to it and released orange and red concealers. These coloured concealers have got people asking why they have only recently been made known to all of us. Orange and red concealers are used under the eye area, directed at people who have dark circles under their eyes or have a bluish-tone to their skin. You can apply the orange/red under the eyes, let it sit for a few minutes and then blend a beige concealer on top, making sure the red isn't too prominent under your make-up. And there you have it - goodbye dark circles and hello new love for the classic colour wheel.


Walking into a make-up shop and examining the rainbow wall of concealers, hopefully you will have a better understanding of which concealer will be most beneficial to you. Glow Cosmetics stores across Tasmania have a wide range of concealers to choose from, and better yet, you can shop for them online:

BEIGE              GREEN              PURPLE                RED                  ALL

Happy concealing!

The GC Team
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